Considering undeniable advantages of Acura autos specialists believe in their great future. It may be considered that stylish modern Acura car possesses dual citizenship and emerged thanks to Japanese concern Honda. Regarding manufacturing these models it must be noted that cars are assembled at the auto plant of California.

The reason of new models` development was the desire of concern Honda to conquer the market of USA where only American and European cars enjoyed popularity. Acura became the first Japanese premium brand which competed with European manufacturers. However, it was required to adapt Japanese autos according to needs of American people. Regarding technical data models of Acura are similar to Japanese cars and differ only in terms of sporty design and level of equipment.

Automobile plant American Honda Motor Company opened in 1986. The name �Acura� derived from the Latin language in which the morpheme �acu� means accuracy and reliability. Models of Acura belong to the category of prestigious cars and are completely adapted for American market. Sedan Honda Legend acquired enthusiastic remarks of specialists and consumers. It was compared with BMW but undeniable advantages were especially emphasized.

In 1990 sportive modification Acura NSX entered the market. Since the very first days this model caused a real sensation and entered the top-ten list of popularity rating. In 2000 fans of Acura got familiarized with two simultaneous models. Presentation of coupe 3,2 CL with elongated chassis took place in Detroit at Motor Show whereas luxury model MDX characterized by off-road capability was presented by developers of Acura in New York. In 2001 Acura released another three modifications of the model MDX: EL � sports sedan, RSX � compact coupe and budget models. The majority of Acura models are produced in California. Models NSX and RL are manufactured in Japan and not in great demand in USA. Experts of the reputable company �Edmunds� investigating automobile market of USA noted that Acura cars have the highest residual value after 5 years of operation (45,1%) and are the most relevant in regard to further resale. �Edmunds� emphasized such clear advantages of Acura as premiality, functionality and manufacturability at a reasonable price which can`t be offered by its competitors.

In 2012 Acura became the most luxury brand in the US market with sales growth that exceeded 26,7% as compared to the previous year. Release of new models � business sedan ILX, compact crossover RDX of the second generation and flagship sedan significantly influenced on the rise of demand for Acura cars in the US market. Appearance of a seven-seat offroader MDX that will soon appear in the dealer centers of USA and model RLX complemented with hybrid drive named Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive will help to maintain successful selling.