One of the most famous and prestigious automobile American trademarks is Cadillac which became a symbol of financial success and high status of its owner. The history of its brand started in 1903 when a talented engineer Henry Leland and successful entrepreneur William Murphy founded Cadillac Motor Car Company and presented their first cars at the exhibition in New York. In spite of good design peculiarities model A was not very popular among its owners and in 1905 the company released a car with four-cylinder engine and aluminium paneling that began to win sympathy among population.

Since the beginning of its existence company Cadillac strived to exact development and elegant luxury finishing in order its cars could be compared with all other luxury things. Soon afterwards, a giant of industry General Motors paid attention to successful Cadillac Motor Car Company. It acquired Cadillac in 1909 and became its full-fledged member. Thanks to new financing engineers the company continued to improve a car that was complemented with electric starter in 1910 and in 1922 the model was equipped with rear view mirrors and windscreen wipers.

Cadillac LaSalle took part in automobile racing of state Indiana in 1927. During 1930s and 1940s Cadillac LaSalle enjoyed great success as namely at that time front suspension of the car was updated and automatic gearbox was developed. Besides, Cadillac was equipped with fuel-efficient engine V8 and driving became easy and available for everybody. In 1953 the company celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. It had released about two millions of cars by that time. In 1960s Cadillac continued to update not only main aggregates but also design of a car conquering hearts of wealthy people and turned into the most recognizable brand not only on the roads of America but also throughout the world. Qualitative assembly, reliable vehicle components and aggregates allowed Cadillac to enter the top ten prestigious cars of the world. Nowadays Cadillac presents a symbol of success and stability of society`s elite.

Cadillac is the second largest manufacturer of cars after Buick and one of the oldest automobile trademarks in the world. The company continues its long tradition and still provides all models with high reliability, latest technologies and exceptional look. In 1990 Cadillac became the first automobile company that received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and remained the only car manufacture that got such an assessment till 1997. In 2003 the company launched a program of renewal and expanding of model range.

Nowadays Cadillac uses a slogan: �Life, freedom and aspiration� due to inalienable rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence of USA. Cadillac developed many automobile devices including full electrical system, manual gearbox and steel roof. Three engines one of which set a standard of American automobile industry were developed under Cadillac brand. As a result, Cadillac became the first American car that won in prestigious car racing of the Royal Automobile Club in Great Britain and proposed the motto �Standard for the whole world�.