Chevrolet is one of the most legendary American brands. Many Chevrolet models became a real embodiment of American dream. They were stars of cult films and heroes of popular songs. Chevrolet Motor Division is a leading department of General Motors specializing in production of passenger cars, pickups and offroaders.

The company was established in 1911 by the founder of General Motors William Durant. When he stopped managing GM he began to create new companies. Durant offered Louis Chevrolet who gave a famous name to the company to improve a car model.

The first model that presented quite successful "Classic Six" was a spacious five-seat sedan with six-cylinder engine which output was 30 hp. It was distinguished by electric lightning, four doors, folding top, windscreen and a personal set of working tools. At the same time model Little Four with four-cylinder engine appeared. However, its price was too high that`s why it wasn`t successful. William Durant realized that the key to success is not exclusiveness of a car but its simplicity and cheapness. He stopped producing luxury cars and began to develop inexpensive four-cylinder models such as Baby Grand and sportive model Royal Mail. After releasing these models a famous logo of Chevrolet - bow tie appeared.

In 1916 model Chevrolet-490 was developed on the basis of mentioned cars. It brought glory to the company. These reliable and cheap cars became as popular as Ford autos. In 1929 the company developed a single row six-cylinder engine which had been produced until 1984. In 1934 department Chevrolet equipped its cars with individual wheel suspension of front wheels that considerably facilitated vehicle operation and reduced tire wear. Since 1950 the company began to equip its models with automatic transmission. In 1979 the company launched production of front-wheel drive cars with transversely installed powertrains.

Nowadays such all-wheel drive vehicles as Blazer and fashionable Venture enjoy popularity. In USA model Suburban belonging to luxury models is successfully sold. Chevrolet USA Super Sport Roadster Concept was officially presented in 2000 at the Detroit auto show. At present Chevrolet cars are successfully sold in many countries whereas its auto salons are hugely popular among motorists. Chevrolet cars combine modern design and functionality. Its model range is so diverse that can meet needs of any customer.