Speaking about Ferrari we usually suggest something more than just expensive cars. For many of us this brand is a legend created by one brave person. Ferrari cars have been exceeding the quality of their competitors` models for more than fifty years. Ferrari is an Italian company specializing in producing racing and elite cars. The headquarters of the company is situated in Maranello. The company was founded by Enzo Ferrari, a famous racer and investigator of cars Alfa Romeo. Cars produced by Enzo Ferrari in 1940s cause respect and delight even nowadays.

Initially the company produced various equipment for autos. Cars produced by the company were manufactured under the brand Alfa Romeo as Ferrari concluded an agreement with it. The first car named Ferrari appeared in 1946. It presented a model Ferrari 25 equipped with powerful 12-cylinder aluminium engine that was aimed at embodiment of its creator`s dream: to add features of racing cars to a usual road car without reducing comfortableness. Cars created by Enzo Ferrari won in diverse car racing competitions. At about the same time such competitors of the company as Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati and Porsche appeared. They periodically exceeded famous sports cars but Ferrari dominated in most cases. By the middle of 1950s Ferrari already produced 250 racing cars and 200 road models.

The most memorable cars of 1960s belong to Ferrari: in 1960 the model 250 GT was transformed into elegant and popular fastback 250 GTE with body 2+2. Graceful and fast-paced Berlinetta Lusso developing speed more than 225 km/hour created in 1962 remained to be unrivaled. In 1966 the firm developed a new V-shaped engine that was created on the basis of racing engine: with two distribution shafts in every cylinder head, lubrication system, dry sump ensuring high torque and flexibility. The engine power reached 300 hp. In the beginning of 1970s the company produced model named Dino after deceased son of Ferrari. It was released in two variants: with six and eight cylinders but 6-cylinder model is considered to be classic.

Model 365GT4 released in 1971 had any features of Ferrari racing cars: its engine with a working volume of 4,4 liters could speed up to 275 km/hour and was horizontally placed in the middle of body whereas gearbox was mounted under the engine for more rational use of body`s internal volume. In 1987 Enzo Ferrari, founder of the company headed the team of constructors who prepared the model F40 which became the result of collective efforts of the company during years of its existence.

In 2003 at the Motor Show in Paris Italian firm Ferrari showed the most powerful serial car in Europe. It was a special model Ferrari Enzo. Its appearing had to remind automobile world about outstanding achievements of Ferrari in racing competitions. Owners of this car are famous people and loyal customers of the company.