Ford is the fourth car producer in the world in terms of production volume for all period of company`s existence. Production of practical and inexpensive cars organized by Henry Ford allowed to improve life of many people in the world. Using conveying system of assembly Ford not only launched mass production of cars but also contributed to development of industry. The company Ford Motor appeared in 1903. Henry Ford possessed 25,5% of its shares and held the post of vice president and a chief engineer of the company. The first Ford car was sold in 1903. In 1906 Henry Ford became president and the main owner of the company. In 1908 Henry Ford realized his dream when he produced model �T� � reliable and inexpensive car that became one of the most mass and popular cars of that time. Namely appearing of model �T� marked the beginning of new era in the development of private transport. Ford car was easy to manage, it didn`t require using complicated technical service and it could pass even rural roads.

In 1919 Henry Ford and his son purchased shares of the enterprise from other shareholders and became the only owners of the firm. In the same year Henry`s son inherited the position of the company`s president that he held until his death in 1943. After his early death Henry Ford headed the company again. In 1956 Ford Motor Company became an open joint-stock company and nowadays it has approximately 700 000 shareholders. In 1960s youth became the center of attention. In accordance with public mood Ford rapidly refocused its production to creating inexpensive sports cars intended for young customers.

In 1970 Ford became the first serial manufacturer who launched using front disk brakes. In 1976 a legendary oval emblem of Ford with blue background and silver letters has been placed on absolutely all cars of the company in order products of Ford can be easily recognized in any country. In 1980s decrease of sales volume prompted Ford Motor Company to create a fuel-efficient car that is characterized by original design. It had to become a world-class leader in medium segment of the market. As a result, model Ford Taurus was created. This model was called �car of the year� in 1986 and in 1987 it became a bestseller in America. In 1990 the firm Jaguar joined the corporation Ford. After one year joint venture with German corporation Volkswagen was created for producing multi-purpose car Ford Galaxy.

In 1993 a new model Ford Mondeo appeared for the first time and set a safety standard in its class. In the next year this car was recognized to be a car of the year in Europe and became a favorite among customers. In 2001 the company presented a fundamentally new version of Ford Mondeo. Its appearing became a revolution. This model developed by European department of Ford Motor Company was created on the basis of absolutely new design technologies.

Nowadays Ford occupies the third place in the US market after GM and Toyota and the second place in Europe. The company has its own manufacturing centers, assembly facilities and shopping centers in 30 countries.