Surely, everybody knows that Honda cars are manufactured in Japan. However, a considerable number of people are poorly informed about this brand.

It`s necessary to mention several remarkable facts about Honda. Initially the company was engaged in creating simple mopeds. It bought old engines, reconstructed and mounted them in cars. It should be noted that Honda was the first organization in history that had been engaged in such an activity. This corporation contributed in a significant way to economics of USA.

Honda invested in economics of the country more than 11 billions of dollars. As a result, it became the main Asian brand in USA. British organization of media and advertising recognized advertisement of Honda to be the best in 2009 year. It is quite amazing as this aspect is paid little attention in Asian countries.

In 2012 Honda was recognized to be the most reliable brand among passenger cars. In the course of the research many insurance companies of Misty Albion were interviewed. Annual income of the company manufacturing Honda cars is approximately 5 billions of dollars and this figure is continually growing. In this regard the concern exceeds level of its competitors` income (Subaru, Nissan and others).

With the growing popularity of the brand various subsidiaries and affiliates started to open in South-East Asia and other countries. The largest production volume is witnessed in three countries: China, Indonesia and Thailand. It`s necessary to admit that mentioned countries manufacture different models. Such models as Accord, Citi, CR-V, Jazz (including hybrid version), Brio and Civic are produced in Thailand. Indonesian manufacturers produce the following models: Jazz, Freed, CR-V. Country of the rising sun offers such cars as Civic, Sprior, Accord, Fit, Odyssey. The corporation Honda transported its equipment to China and provided local enterprise with its staff of engineers. It guarantees maximum quality of finished products.