The Lincoln Motor Company is one of the most famous American producers of luxury cars. History of the company started in 1917 when Henry Leland sold his stock of shares of the company Cadillac to the concern General Motors and established a completely new firm called Lincoln in memory of the United States President.

Initially the company was involved in producing engines for military planes and after the war in 1920 Henry Leland combined his opportunities with his son. As a result of their efforts the first car Lincoln V8 was released. It was a model of representative class equipped with a new L-head engine developed at the company`s plant. The model Lincoln V8 became one of the best in the class of prestigious representative cars.

After producing the model Lincoln Zephyr in 1936 sales of the company considerably increased. The model presented a car with sportive features possessing V-shaped 12-cylinder engine with 110 h. p. capacity and mechanical three-speed gearbox. It could reach speed of 140 km/h. In 1940 a legendary model Lincoln Zephyr Continental - the first luxury model was constructed on the basis of Lincoln Zephyr. Eugene Gregory became the main engineer of the car. He complemented his creation with a big streamlined body, detachable canvas roof and luxurious leather salon and huge backseat. In 1955 the company released completely new version Lincoln Continental. A year later, Lincoln produced Continental Mark II thanks to which the company experienced a renaissance. Initially this model was designed as cabriolet but in the result only two cars were constructed without a top.

After acquiring Lincoln by Ford and until the beginning of 1970s all cars of the brand Lincoln were produced on original platforms. Only engines were borrowed from other models of the concern. In order to save productive resources all cars of Ford began to be manufactured on unified platforms. In the middle of 1980s department of Lincoln released a new luxury model Lincoln Continental MK VII. It was based on the model Ford Fox and presented two-door coupe which body was accomplished in aerodynamic form. In honour of its anniversary the company released model Town Car in limited series called Diamond Anniversary. The autos were distinguished by an excellent leather salon, wood-like instrument panel, built-up mobile phone, mirror with dimmer function, compass, audio system JBL and system traction asset.

In 1999 a classic variant of sportive sedan Lincoln was presented in New York for the first time. The car quickly gained popularity among amateurs of big sports luxury cars. Later the company released updated versions such as Lincoln Zephyr, Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln MKT and others. All mentioned models achieved a certain degree of success. As a result, the company Linkoln created a reputation of one of the best producers of luxury cars and its products deservedly enjoy popularity.