Nissan is famous as participant of �the Big Three� consisting of leading car manufacturers. Excellent sports cars, popular models and luxury cars Infiniti. The company Nissan was founded in the result of gradual merger of several car producers. In 1914 Rokuro Aoyama and Meitaro Takeuchi constructed passenger car equipped with two-cylinder engine and called it �DAT� - by first letters of their surnames. Besides, the word �dat� meant lively, quick in Japanese. In 1914 the company produced model DAT-31 and in 1916 it presented DAT-41. The company Jitsuyo Jidosha Co., Ltd established in 1919 joined other founders of Nissan. It produced three-wheeled cars developed by American engineer William Gorham, imported materials, car components, tools for car manufacturing from the USA and was one of the best companies in car industry. In 1926 it became a part of Kwaishinsha Co. and in the result of the merger a company called Dat Jidosha Seizo Co. was established.

In 1931 it joined the company Tobata Casting created by Yoshisuke Aikawa and its name was changed to Tobata Imono. It was decided to return to production of passenger cars. Later the model Datson appeared that was translated as �son of Dat�. Afterwards the name was changed to Datsun (�son� was turned into �sun�, national symbol of Japan). Besides, cars of Datsun brand were produced until 1983. In 1936 the company acquired equipment of the firm Graham and in 1937 organized assembly of cars using it. At that time the company released ten thousandth car at the plant of Yokohama.

In 1950 Nissan acquired shares of the company Minsei Diesel Motor Co., Ltd and began to develop and produce cars for foreign markets. In 1952 Nissan signed a technology agreement with English company Austin Motor Co., Ltd and in 1953 it produced the first model Austin. In 1970 Nissan created productive capacities abroad, developed jet and marine engines. Growth of car users resulted in an increasing number of road accidents and necessity of solving the problem associated with air pollution.

In 1990s the company presented a new model of middle class � Primera. In the same year the model 300 ZX became the best import car in USA. In 2000 the company started to work jointly with Renault at the general market of such countries as South America, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. In 2001 Nissan and Renault opened the first joint plant in Brazil. In 2002 Nissan elevated its level of participation in Renault to 15% whereas Renault increased its ownership share to 44%. Carlos Ghosn impressed analytics by his statement about fast achieving results of Nissan.

Nowadays Nissan Motor Company is an excellent example of a fast-growing company specializing in producing passenger cars, trucks and buses of Nissan and Datsun brands. It also offers sports boats, communication satellites and others. After the Asian crisis in 1998 the company joined Renault.