Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile company belonging to the financial and industrial group. It`s one of the largest automobile companies in the world. It releases its products under various trademarks including Daihatsu. Its headquarters is located in Toyota city. The history of Toyota started in 1933 when the company Toyoda Automatic Loom Works opened an automobile department. It was opened by Kiichiro Toyoda, the eldest son of company`s owner Sakichi Toyoda. Kiichiro led the company to world fame. Money received from sales of patent rights for spinning machines of the British company Platt Brothers became the initial capital for development of the first cars.

In 1935 the work on the creation of the first passenger cars had been completed and this car was called Model A1. Soon afterwards the first lorry Model G1 was released. In 1936 car Model A1 was launched into production and four lorries were delivered to North China. In 1937 the automobile department turned into a separate company called Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. After the Second World War in 1947 the company started to produce another model � Toyota model SA and in 1950 Toyota experienced the first and the only strike of its workers in conditions of severe financial crisis. As a result, the corporate policy was reviewed and sales department was transformed into a separate company � Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.

In the beginning of 1950 years Taiichi Ohno developed a unique system of production management allowing to remove all kinds of losses � materials, time and productive capacities. In 1962 the system was embodied in the enterprises of Toyota group and proved its efficiency contributing to success of the company. In 1961 the model Toyota Publica was released and presented fuel-efficient car that quickly gained popularity. In 1962 Toyota celebrated release of its millionth car. During 1960 years economic situation in Japan was improved and car sales increased. Dealer network of Toyota was actively developed abroad � in South Africa, Europe and Asia.

In 1970s the company started to build new plants and constantly updated improved aggregates. Besides, it began to mount innovative details to quite cheap models. Toyota coped with energy crisis and financial difficulties and introduced a regime of strict economy of raw materials. The company developed effective exhaust system and strengthened intercompany policy. In 1990 Toyota opened its own center of design creation called Tokyo Design Center. Toyota continued its expansion � it opened subsidiaries in numerous countries of the world and developed activity of existing affiliates.

Nowadays Toyota is one of the largest world manufacturers of cars. It annually releases more than 5,5 millions of cars that is equal to producing one car every six seconds. In 2002 Toyota entered a new field of activity starting to participate in car racing Formula 1.