BMW is one of the best automobile companies. Cars of this brand heat the imagination of teenagers, adult men and even women. The history of the company started in 1913 when two young people created two firms producing engines for aeromechanics. Later they united in one company named �Bavarian engine factories�. Since then BMW cars have been called Bavarian and some official dealers add the word �Bavaria� to their name. 1917 year is considered to be official date of the company`s foundation. Since its establishing the company has been creating unique and diverse autos, various innovations and conquered the hearts of numerous fans throughout the world.

After the end of the First World War the firm decided to focus on producing motorbikes and engines for them as had insufficient financial resources for manufacturing cars. It should be noted that BMW has been still producing modern two-wheeled means of transportation which are sold in such countries as USA, Finland, Europe, Great Britain, Japan and others.

In 1928 BMW acquired a license for the production of its first car named Dixi. The novelty managed to conquer Europe since the moment of appearing and BMW cars increased their popularity all over the world. During those years BMW cars were characterized by sports features. As it can be seen these traits are also peculiar to modern BMW cars. In 1930s the model BMW 328 that became one of the most successful variant of all company cars was presented. It received a number of awards and honorary titles which emphasize advantages of BMW autos.

By 1951 BMW produced more than 18 thousands of motorbikes per year. It provided a sufficient profit and allowed to develop a new model � R51 equipped with two-cylinder opposed engine. In 1951 BMW produced its first postwar car - 501. In 1954 BMW became the champion of the world after participating in racing of motorcycles with sidecars and retained the world priority during the following twenty years. In 1959 the model 700 became a great success for BMW cars. After the Second World War the company was not going through the best of times in its history and decided to start producing aircraft engines. However, Germans longed for innovations and created a mixture of a motorbike and a car. Three-wheeled �miracle� received recognition in the homeland.

In 1994 BMW bought British industrial group Rover possessing brands Land Rover and MG. This acquiring allows the company to increase its share in the market of offroaders and compact cars. Four years later British premium brand Rolls Royce was acquired by Germans. In 1994 the company opened a plant BMW in Spartanburg. Besides, it established the sixteenth subsidiary BMW de Mexico S. A. and created a trade mission in Beijing. All cars released by BMW present a peculiar symbol of qualitative vehicle intended for prosperous people. They require special attention and necessary care which will guarantee reliability and excellent performance.