General Motors Corporation is an American concern manufacturing trucks and so called light trucks (pickups and cargo-and-passenger vans). Starting its operation in 1900 brothers Max and Moris Grabowski created a truck intended for sales and equipped with a single-cylinder engine. In 1902 company Rapid Motor was founded. In 1908 company General Motors that adopted Rapid Motor Vehicle and other small automobile companies in Michigan was established. In 1909 the company released the first generation of trucks GMC. In 1916 General Motors Corporation was founded.

Trucks of the company participated in the US Road Racing Championship and crossed the country from Seattle to New York. During the First World War company GM provided approximately 10 000 trucks and modifications on their basis of the military models from 1917 to 1919. After the end of war GM began to update an assembly line at the plant in Pontiac, state Michigan and reequip its cars changing their bodies.

In 1925 GMC acquired company �The Yellow Cab Manufacturing� from Chicago. After that GMC received an opportunity to produce light and medium duty trucks with its emblem. In 1934 GMC created the first model of truck with a cabin placed above the engine. The model was delivered to the firm Bekins Van and Storage. By 1937 new trucks of the company acquired streamlines shapes and increased range of colours used in coating of cars. In 1935 GMC launched production of diesel engines in Detroit which became popular in constructions of commercial vehicles. During the Second World War GMC carries out orders � produces tanks, equipment for submarines and special trucks. One of such vehicles turned out to be amphibian vehicle able to move across land and water surface. Undoubtedly, this car is a famous model called Duck that was released in two-, four- and eight-tons versions.

In the second half of 1940s GM achieved huge popularity � cars were successfully sold even without considerable changes of design. In 1950s the company presented trucks Jimmy. Jimmy of series 630 released in 1954 was equipped with diesel engine 471 Detroit Diesel, five-step and three-step supporting transmissions. In 1968 range of trucks was completed by a new car - �Astro-95� with a cabin placed above engine. It quickly became widely recognized. Its main features were semicircular instrument panel and new windscreen ensuring a better overview whereas design of body was completely changed.

In 1998 GMC joined the group of truck manufacturers �Volvo-White� and releases such vehicles under the brand �New Family� till present day which became the result of �Volvo-White GMC� and �Autocar�`s joint activity. In the beginning of 2001 generation of offroaders GMC Envoy was changed by the more modern one. New generation is substantially different from the previous model. It was noticeable by more streamlined shape of cars and completely new design.