Buick is a luxury brand of General Motors which models are sold in USA, Canada, Mexico, China and other countries. It`s one of the oldest automobile trademark in USA retained up to the present day. Its history started in 1899 when a talented engineer David Buick, a Scotsman by birth, established Buick Manufacturing company that was engaged in manufacturing automobile engines and used its own unique developments. Later Buick decided to start producing cars, sold the company and established Buick Motor Car Company which products went on sale in 1903. The engineer tried to start mass production of cars but his attempts failed.

A model released in 1904 not only compared favourably with competitors from the technical point of view but was very expensive that became an obstacle to development of the young company. During that period the company produced only a few tens of autos. In 1908 the company was acquired by Crapo Durant who founded General Motors. Buick became one of the first companies belonging to GM and its subject of pride. By 1909 the company sold thousands of Buick cars and developed updated models. The trademark stroke fancy of people and remained exclusively prestigious but quite available.

In 1920s Vice-President of GM Alfred Sloan decided to position its brands clearly. As a result, only five trademarks of seven retained. Buick occupied an honorable place among other brands. In 1929 the company released millionth car. By the end of 1930s trademark Buick was portrayed with a shield on its logotype. Instead of simple inscription the company began to use an emblem of the ancient Scottish family Buick. The logotype existed till 1959 when a number of shields increased to three � in honour of three models released by the company: Electra, LeSabre and Invicta.

In 1975 shields were replaced with a falcon soaring above the inscription Buick. It happened in the result of start of flagship model Skyhawk production. However, existence of the logotype turned out to be not long � in 1990 it disappeared along with Skyhawk. After that three shields turned back again and were redesigned in a modern way.

Buick experienced a real heyday of its popularity in the postwar period. Demand for powerful and luxury cars rapidly increased. In the beginning of 1950s hundreds of thousands cars of this brand were sold. At that time cars of that class consumed to 30 liters while driving over one hundred kilometers. The company began to manufacture only luxury and graceful cars. From the end of XX century and up to the present day Buick has been manufacturing small middle class models which are primarily intended for American market. The beginning of X�I century was marked by delivering Buick cars to Asian market.