History of automobile brand Dodge began when brothers John and Horatio Dodge opened a small shop for selling car parts. Later, in 1914 they founded their own firm and produced cars with all-metal bodies developed by the company Budd. Their product range consisted of transmission`s details, engines, gearboxes and drive axles which they sold to the companies Ford and Olds Motors. A small firm used all technological innovations of that time including the technology Ford. Gradually owners of the firm came to the idea of establishing their own company Dodge Brothers engaged in producing cars.

The first car of the company was released in 1914 and in the same year Dodge manufactured 249 exactly the same models. Every car had a distinctive sign on the radiator tank � globe placed in the center of the Jewish star of David. By 1920 Dodge occupied second place in producing cars after Ford. In 1925 annual production of Dodge reached 200 000 cars. In 1935 and 1939 Dodge cars received new streamlined bodies. During the war the company became famous for their lightweight cargo-and-passenger military cars.

The model Coronet that had been produced since the first post-war years got its second life in 1953 thanks to new modern body and engine V8 with hemispherical combustion chambers. After producing Polara and Matador in 1960 Dodge began to release cars with an integral body and simultaneously the company began mass production of small-sized cars of Dart brand. The plant of Dodge in Argentina was acquired by Volkswagen in 1980. There were a number of subsidiaries and group companies with participating interest of Dodge which produced lorries of Dodge brand in Great Britain, India, Australia and Turkey.

Being a part of the corporation Chrysler Dodge is distinguished by its sportive image with features of offroader. Range of passenger cars is completely similar to models of Chrysler and Plymouth. However, Dodge offroaders are produced only under one brand. In 1980s Dodge offered front-drive fuel-efficient cars with 3- or 5-door bodies which were identical to Plymouth Sundance and Aries released in several versions. Dodge Caravan, front-drive minivan with transversely installed engine appeared in the range of company Chrysler in 1984 and created a real furor on the automobile market. This concept was so unique and so practical that it conquered a great number of fans in a short period of time.

When the company Chrysler released cars Dodge Intrepid in 1992 it made many people to change their attitude to American cars. Design changes made it different from the analogue Concord in the model range Chrysler. In 2001 significant renewal of the product range started from renewal of new models Stratus and Stratus Coupe. Besides, offroader Durango was updated. Nowadays Dodge presents a department of American corporation Chrysler specializing in producing passenger cars and all-terrain vehicles.