Jeep is a department of American concern Chrysler specializing in manufacturing all-terrain vehicles. Since 23 July 1941 to the present date brand Jeep is associated with real off-road capabilities, innovative technologies and continuing improvement. Beginning with the model Willys-Overland brand Jeep opened a market of all-wheel drive vehicles. It gave rise to producing compact four-door SUV ´┐Żars. The name Jeep registered in 1950 as international trademark resulted in appearing of brand that became one of the most famous among consumers of the world. Nowadays Jeep models are offered in more than 120 countries and overall number of sold cars with a famous emblem Jeep exceeded 9 millions.

During its history reliable and maintenance-friendly universal all-wheel drive vehicles of Jeep have always been heroes - not only in war time but also in agricultural areas and rescue operations in times of natural disasters of national scale. In 1941 Willys-Overland won the tender for supplying a lightweight and reliable general purpose vehicle for the US army. Such brands as Ford and Bantam also participated in the tender. As a result, preference was given to the model Willys MB, particularly because of low cost. Thus, 23 July 1941 is considered to be the birthday of Jeep. On that day a contract for production of Willys MB cars was signed during the Second World War. The name "jeep" originated from GP (Jeneral Purpose).

Jeeps turned out to be so universal that they were used in the most unexpected applications such as transportation of wounded persons and weapons. In 1953 the company Willys-Overland was acquired by corporation Kaiser. New company called Willys Motors was developed in several new directions. However, jeeps remained the main part of manufacturing. During 1965-1969 six-cylinder engine called Dauntless was developed. It doubled power of Jeep cars. Besides, the company invented eight-cylinder 250 hp. engine Vigilent.

In 1972 the company launched production of the system Quadra-Trac - the first fully automatic transmission with full drive installed in cars Jeep Wagoneer. In 1985 the company began to produce an auto Jeep Comanche that marked the appearing of new generation jeeps - pickups. In 1990 the millionth model Jeep Cherokee was produced. This model proved its superiority over cars-competitors of this class.

In 2001 a new model jeep Cherokee demonstrated legendary ability to move in any off-road conditions. In 2007 Jeep presented an updated legend - a new Jeep Wrangler car. Since that moment jeeps had been released even with five doors. In 2009 Chrysler Group LLC - a global strategic alliance with Fiat was created. It`s based on traditional for Chrysler culture of innovations that was launched by Walter Chrysler and modern technologies of Fiat. New alliance possesses resources, technologies and an extensive worldwide network of dealers - everything necessary for successful competition at the global market. Company Chrysler releases cars and automobile components under the brand names Chrysler, Keep, Dodge and Mopar.