Mitsubishi is one of the largest Japanese corporations specializing in production of cars. Its history started long before the creation of the first auto. Founder of the company Yataro Iwasaki was born in 1835. He began to work in a shipping company owned by the Tosa clan. Being descendant of samurai Yataro achieved career growth that allowed him to hire three steamers of Tosa and organize his own company called Tsukumo Shokai. During the following five years the name of the company changed a few times and turned into Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company in 1975.

Department �Mitsubishi Motors� with headquarters in Tokyo belongs to subsidiary �Mitsubishi Heavy Industries�. The first cars of �Mitsubishi Motors� reminded Ford cars. In 1921 production of these models was discontinued as demand in Japan was not high. In 1924 the company began to produce heavy-duty trucks and buses under the brand Fuso. Special garbage trucks and street cleaning machines were produced for meeting needs of Tokyo. In 1935 Mitsubishi manufactured the first Japanese bus with diesel engine. After the destruction caused by the Second World War the company produced scooters and three-wheeled distribution vehicles whereas buses appeared again in 1946 and in 1947 they were equipped with electric engine.

In the postwar period production of cars started from producing passenger cars in 1960 when the company presented the model Mitsubishi 500. In 1969 Mitsubishi entered the market of cars of higher class. Sedan Colt Galant was ancestor of numerous high quality and prestigious cars which scored numerous successes in rally racing competitions and were recognized to be �Car of the year� for high consumer characteristics.

In 1970 automobile department Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. became independent and was named as Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. In 1984 the model Mitsubishi Galant received the prize of Germany �Das Goldene Lenkrad�. In 1995 Mitsubishi produced its first car in Europe: the first model Carisma was assembled at the plant Nedcar in Holland and presented a joint venture of Mitsubishi Motors, Volvo and government of Holland.

Modern company Mitsubishi presents one of the world giants of automotive industry. Nowadays Mitsubishi produces impressive range of models: compact cars, heavy trucks and specialized vehicles. Reliability and speed of Mitsubishi cars were proved by numerous victories in car racing championships. At the moment the company is planning to introduce innovations in the area of environment, popularize using cars and reduce impact on the environment.