USA is a country of legendary automobile brands many of which have been manufactured since the end of nineteenth century. It is unfortunate that some of them become part of the history as it happened to Pontiac that stopped its existence in 2010. Pontiac Division is a department of American company General Motors specializing in production of sport cars. The headquarters of the company is located in Pontiac, state Michigan.

Its history started in 1893 when Edward Murphy founded Pontiac Buggy Company that was involved in production of horse-drawn carriages. In 1907 Murphy established Oakland Motor Car Company understanding that the epoch of cars came. Two years later half of its shares was acquired by General Motors. William Durant carried out the transaction not because of the company but desiring to receive its founder. However, in the following year Murphy unexpectedly died. Durant bought the rest part of shares and Oakland came under control of GM.

When the model Pontiac Silver Streak which became extremely popular was developed the company achieved success. Just then the principle of Pontiac was laid down � relatively available cars with quite powerful engine and sports features. These cars became not only popular but also legendary.

During the years of brand`s existence the company released numerous models of diverse constructions and types. The model Firebird produced by the concern from 1967 to 2002 deserves particular mention. New generation of the model Grand Prix was presented in Detroit in January of 1996. It was released in two variants � four-door sedan and two-door coupe. In 2000 the model was slightly changed. In 1996 five-door front-drive minivan Pontiac Montana was presented whereas new generation appeared in 1997. Insignificant external changes made in 2000 coincided with the change of vehicle interior and appearance of new equipment. In 2000 the model Piranha Concept � four-door coupe with front drive and sliding doors was presented. Its back door can move backwards turning Piranha into a sportive pickup.

Nowadays Pontiac lost its administrative independence but plays a special role in the activity of General Motors. The company is still producing sports cars within the framework of the concern. The models Sunfire, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Bonneville and Trans Sport loved by many motorists continue to be produced. The model Aztek launched in 2000 was awarded the title of the most unusual offroader of the world. Serious problems which GM faced in the end of XX century influenced Pontiac and it was decided to refuse from the brand to save General Motors. It can be said that after disappearing the brand another page in the history of American automotive industry was turned. Range of Pontiac cars played positive role in the automobile world as it created and produced fuel-efficient autos called Pontiac during the most difficult economic times when fuel wasn`t freely accessible.