Probably everybody knows that Porsche cars are produced in Germany. Germans are famous for their accuracy, reliability and as a consequence high quality of produced goods. This applies particularly to brand Porsche that presents a subject of national pride.

The concern Porsche was created by Ferdinand Porsche who had working experience in various design offices. He had the idea to create his own concern and in 1948 his dream came true. At that time the first prototype was invented. Notably that Ferdinand made significant efforts to create it. Four years later the logotype with a horse preserved until the present day was invented. Soon afterwards Ferdinand`s son began to manage the design office. In 1963 he constructed a car Porsche 911 that was the most legendary German auto. In spite of impressive price this model almost immediately became the best-selling car and acquired international fame.

It`s necessary to mention some curious facts about Porsche. The first model Porsche 64 was assembled in three copies. It is noteworthy that only two of them remained until nowadays and present invaluable exhibits of private collections. In 2009 the magazine Forbes recognized the model Porsche 911 to be a car that changed the world. Besides, Porsche 911 is one of the most recognizable supercars as design of this model hasn`t changed and passed familiar features from one generation to the next. The company Porsche ranked first among the best producers in the rating of the most qualitative cars in opinion of American people.

Producing Porsche became a significant contribution to economics for Germany. According to official data this concern receives the largest profit in the world in proportion to volume of manufacturing output. Thus, in 2011 the corporation earned more than 11 billion dollars.

Since the very beginning of its existence the company has been actively participating in motorsport. The prototype of the first model Porsche won in a car racing that took place in Innsbruck. Porsche cars took part and won in such competitions as Carrera Panamericana, Targa Florio, Mille Miglia and various marathons. Porsche became the winner in Monte Carlo Rally, Dakar Rally and competitions where racing cars participated. During its existence Porsche won in more than 28 000 racing competitions.