Chrysler is an American automobile company specializing in manufacturing passenger cars of such brands as Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Eagle and others, lorries Dodge, pickups and various component parts. There are financial and technological departments of the corporation. Chrysler releases electronic and aerospace products. The headquarters is situated in Auburn Hills, state Michigan. In 1998 the company was united with the corporation Daimler-Benz and became a single concern Daimler-Chrysler.

For that reason Chrysler lost part of its independence but didn`t lose its individuality. Certainly, past of the corporation deserves attention. In a few years Chrysler managed to enter the Big Three and occupied its place there. Nowadays Chrysler is the third American car manufacturer giving way only to Ford and General Motors. Its cars have gained unusual popularity among consumers. Chrysler cars are sold primarily in North America. History of famous firms is usually related to their founders and directors. For that reason when we speak about Chrysler it`s necessary to mention Walter Chrysler who gave a name to the company and launched its production.

Chrysler began to work in Buick and in 1917 became the president and general director of General Motors` department. Two years later Chrysler became vice-president of General Motor`s production. The Maxwell Motor Car company offered Chrysler to work with it team and improve its performance. Chrysler developed a model of car � Chrysler 6 himself with the help of three engineers. The price of the car was not high but characterized by comfort and memorable style. During one year the company sold 32 thousands of cars.

In 1925 Chrysler Corporation that was a successor of Maxwell Motor Company appeared. After a year Chrysler rose from fifty seven to fifth place among American car producers. The company continued to produce high-speed models. By 1928 profit of the company became sufficient for opening new departments (De Soto, Plymouth) and even buying Dodge Brothers. During the Second World War Chrysler released such popular models as tanks of Sherman M-4, military trucks, engines for aircrafts B-29 and others. In total, by 1945 Chrysler delivered military equipment amounting to 3,4 billions of dollars. Two specially designed engines of Chrysler caught fancy of car fans. Firstly, in 1951 the company developed engine Hemi V8 characterized by unique properties. Later, Chrysler offered legendary engine 426 Hemi with capacity more than 400 h. p. that was produced specifically for sports cars. Total number of sold engines reached 11 thousands and some connoisseurs consider that Hemi is one of the best.

In 1983 Chrysler started manufacturing minibuses that led to revolution changing life of many American families. Minibuses of Chrysler dominate in American market even nowadays. In 1996 the main office of Chrysler was built. It`s intended for taking serious decisions, development of design and production lines. Nowadays history of new Chrysler cars only starts and new rear-driven models are continued to be produced.